Calling Men to Christ


Calling Men to Christ

A magazine for Catholic men, written by men in the trenches, striving to follow Christ, live virtuously, and share the faith.


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Calling Men to Christ

“The world offers you comfort.

But you were not made for comfort.

You were made for greatness.”

Pope Benedict XVI

Be the Men

There’s been a void left by men. We’ve been caught in the ways of the world, living life just like everyone else… by default. We’re called to more. Our families and the Church need more. It’s time we step up and answer the call. It’s time that we be the men that we were created to be.

Lead with Summons


Men can’t lead from the couch. Husbands and fathers are called to lead their families to Christ. That means that we ourselves need to live the faith. We can’t give what we don’t have.

Lead with Summons


There’s a battle raging around us. It doesn’t pause when we go to work. There isn’t a cease fire because we’re tired. The devil wants us and our families for himself. Put on the armor of God, pick up your weapons and fight.



Where are we giving our time? Our talents? Our treasure? Like Christ, men are called to lay down our lives for our families and the Church. This means giving of ourselves completely.


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“Summons has been a very important part of my journey as a Catholic gentleman. I look forward to receiving the daily emails and the physical newsletter. It helps give me strength to carry on in my efforts as I stumble from Sin to Sainthood.” – Joe

“An amazing way to start each day centered on Christ!” – Justin

“I enjoy both the Summons and the daily reflection. Keeps me engaged in all things that are God’s. They refocus my perspective towards God and helps me on my daily journey towards what I pray is my final destination…. Heaven.” – Mark

“The daily reflections are well done, and usually thought provoking… Really good food for thought and reflection.”